HP LaserJet 1320 Printer series - Connecting to the network

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Connecting to the network

Connect one end of a network cable to the network connector on the back of the device, and
connect the other end to the network. Be sure to install the printer driver on all computers
that connect to the network.


The following procedures are for the HP LaserJet 1320n, HP LaserJet 1320tn, and
HP LaserJet 1320nw printers only.

The Ethernet network must be functional before proceeding with the following instructions.

Connect the printer to the network

To connect the HP LaserJet 1320n, HP LaserJet 1320tn, or HP LaserJet 1320nw printer to a
wired network, you need the following:

Functional wired network

CAT-5 Ethernet cable

To connect the printer to the network, perform the following steps:

1. Connect the CAT-5 Ethernet cable to an available port on the Ethernet hub or router.

2. Connect the Ethernet cable to the Ethernet port on the back of the printer.

3. Check that one of the network lights (10 or 100) on the network port located on the back

of the printer comes on.


It might take a few moments for the printer network settings to become active and available
for use. If one of the network lights does not come on, see

Wired network setup


4. Print a network configuration page. For more information, see

Network Configuration page


Install the printer software

1. Close all applications.

2. Insert the software installation CD into the computer's CD-ROM drive. The Welcome

screen displays.


Network connections


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3. Click Next, and follow the instructions that the Installer provides to check and prepare

the system, and install drivers, plug-ins, and software.

This might take several minutes.

Print a Network Configuration page

When the printer is in the Ready state, press and hold the



button for 5 seconds. The

Network Configuration page automatically prints with the printer Configuration page.


To reset the networking card, when the printer is turned off, press and hold the Reset button
located on the back of the printer. While holding down the Reset button, turn on the printer,
and continue to hold the Reset button until the printer is in the Ready state.


Chapter 2 Printer connections